The single stream industry has been forced to choose between throughput and low maintenance to sort 2D and 3D for too long

The Industry’s Current Solutions

Low Throughput

Ballistic Separator

Low maintenance
Slow throughput
Lower throughput


Disc Screen

High efficiency
Extensive maintenance​
Extended downtime

Sparta is bringing you the next class of Ballistic Separators.

Be the First to Experience the Power of Sparta’s Olympus Accelerated Ballistic Separator.

Experience the future of recycling with a new class of single-stream separators – The Olympus: a groundbreaking Sparta innovation that redefines the single-stream industry’s idea of efficiency, speed, and reliability. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into your existing recycling process, this new Accelerated Ballistic Separator effortlessly combines the best features available in a ballistic separator and a Disc Screen Separator. Say goodbye to high maintenance demands or slow throughput, and embrace the new era of sustainable recycling solutions.

Single Stream Technology Reinvented

Bearings and Labyrinth Seals

Custom bearings and labyrinth seals, offering an impressive +28,000 hours life span ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Sectional Mesh Screens

The sectional mesh screens incline is customizable and electronically controlled through our HMI control panel and electrical actuators. Due to the new addition of belts, steeper elevation angles can now be used, making sorting more accurate.

Maintenance Door

Electronically driven maintenance door to safely access paddles for cleaning and access rear bearings for maintenance.


Adjustable 5-speed fans to allow for fine-tuning of the 2D/3D separation.


Superior 2D sorting facilitated by belts.


Easy belt change with gas strut cylinder take up system to quickly track or change belts practically tool-free.


Unique paddles use a circular motion to quickly sort out 3D material.


Divided head & tail shaft to be able to quickly change a pair of paddles without having to remove all of them.

HMI Control Panel

Olympus’ operating parameters are accessible through an intuitive HMI interface.


Effortless future updates and upgrades can be made via simple software downloads.


Our easy belt change system, minimal wear parts, and divided head & tail shaft contribute to a seamless maintenance experience, enabling swift paddle changes and reduced spare part requirements. Designed for single-person maintenance, our machine also features a convenient access door for easy mesh cleaning and tool-free belt tracking or changes.

Change a belt without
tools in under 2 mins

Optimized maintenance
with an HMIControl

Designed for

Compare 2D/3D Stream Separators

Compare the Olympus Accelerated Ballistics Separator to traditional Ballistic and Disc Screen Separators, showcasing its superior efficiency, speed, and maintenance features.

Name Disc Screen Ballistic
2D/3D Separation
High Throughpout
Highly Efficient Separation
Minimal Cleaning
Easy 1-person Maintenance
Safe and Accessible

Olympus Specifications

Discover the Olympus’ specifications and begin planning its integration into your facility.

  • HP of the motors 10HP (x2)
  • Amperage draw 13 amps
  • Available voltages 380V/360v/575v
  • Diameter of rotation 4”
  • Sizes available 8,10,12,14 Paddles
  • Area of the top deck 93 sq. feet
  • Size of the openings in wings Fully customizable
  • Belt speed 620 fpm @60Hz
  • RPM 208 RPM at 60Hz
  • Size of the pulleys 12”
  • Size of pulley bearings 7” ID x 8 ½” OD
  • Angle range 27.5-37.5
  • Actuator strength 2000Lbs/each
  • Bearing life expectancy over 28,000 hours
  • Fan Cfm’s 1800cfm/each
  • Total weight 16895 Lbs
  • Driveline weight 6220 Lbs
  • Paddle length C/C 14 ft.
  • Overall belt length 31’-7”
  • Belt width 2 3/8”
  • Overall machine size Varies per model

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